IPP Project Guideline

The project submitted for IPP must satisfy the following criteria:- купить спайс закладка 1.Positively impact at least one stakeholder (someone other than the person submitting the project) through a novel solution. соли миксы пермь купить 2.Clearly identify and classify the core issues to be resolved in the given situation http://pro-online-servive.com/life/myagkiy-gashish.html 3.Enumerate the known solutions and the limitations of those solutions in resolving the core issues. source url 4.Resolve at least two (2) contradictions or conflicting demands http://sabacpg.ir/good/kuritelnie-smesi-kupit-onlayn.html 5.Demonstrate usage of Resources as per resource selection criteria click 6.Move the process or product closer to Ideality

source site
  • It is not required for candidates to demonstrate a working solution or prototype.
  • However, the rigor of the systematic process of arriving at the innovative solution has to be demonstrated.